Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The original Instagram, circa 1977
I am a visual person. I remember as a kid I never had the patience to take a picture, drop the film off at the local D&S Pharmacy, and wait the five-to-seven days while the film was sent out to be developed. So when my stepdad Jim showed up with his Kodak Instamatic camera, I thought it was the greatest thing on earth. I remember he even bought me an instant camera one time when we were going on vacation, a Kodak Handle, the original crank-style “Instagram,” which is actually in a box in my attic. I should find it.
My Grandson, Lennox
The magic of photography is that it holds still, forever, a moment in time. Now, with all the photo apps and services -- like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and my current favorite, Instagram -- those captured moments can be instantly shared with people we love and even strangers ... in some ways shrinking the world but I also think, in the best way, making the world bigger. 
Tennessee storm
There’s a joy when your phone chirps, burps, jingles, vibrates or tingles, and you open it to find that somebody has sent you an image ... a face, a flower, a grandchild, a storm. They could be sitting across the room or a thousand miles away and you instantly know what their world looks like. 
No bueno
I even use my Android phone camera in conducting business every day: is this the granite you like? How about this hardware? Or this tile? Or, this is the broken pipe we found in your bathroom floor under your shower. The fun and the frustrating. 
So, send me a picture. Let me know what your life looks like, what interests you, what your eyes see that mine don’t ... yet. 


  1. I love that pic of Lennox! I sent you an instant message asking you how to use instagram. ESTO

    1. Robbyn - Take artsy picture, apply filter, post said picture. You can do it :-)

  2. Well done! Great pix and your grandson favors you tremendously :). Look forward to seeing more.

    1. Thanks Melissa! Lennox favors me now but hopefully will grow out of it...and grow hair.